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More About Eating Meat

The Universal Pantheist Society has a “Ning” site and we have a group about Ethical Eating.  There was a post with the following quote:  

“Food for us comes from our relatives, whether they have wings or fins or roots.  That is how we consider food.  Food has a culture.  It has a history.  It has a story.  It has relationships. ”  (Winona LaDuke, Honor the Earth)

Here are some of my thoughts about it.  I get that about our food having wings or fins or roots and have lived it for my whole life, albeit with some years of inner turmoil over the suffering, the violence. It just no longer serves me and my inner peace to eat food that causes suffering to a creature who can look at me, hear and respond to me, feel pain, suffocate, cry, mourn, smile, or sing.  And how do we as a society, or an individual, decide which animals are fair game for food and which are not?  Which are okay to wear and which are not?  In the last few weeks and days, I’ve made a decision to change my eating habits, not perfectly enough to suit hardcore vegans in terms of every single ingredient or item in my house, but certainly a big change in what I feel is the right direction for me and the animals and even the planet.

Years ago, my now ex-husband was a deer hunter. By the time the meat got to the table it was packaged in various forms. I cooked it and ate it and enjoyed it. Then one day he brought home the whole dead deer, and I saw that beautiful face, the eyes still open, and that was it for me and deer meat. Never again. We each have our moments. I have not eaten veal, the other side of the dairy industry, or pork for years. I know my daughter stopped eating pork when she read how intelligent pigs are, like a 3-year-old child. We each take our steps and have to live with ourselves. But I seriously do believe that eating food that’s a product of violence contributes to overall violence on the planet.

I’m just here to share my own position and any info I may have picked up along the way, not to convert people, at least not yet as, again, this has been a serious and big struggle for me for years and isn’t an easy thing, and I get that.  Like many others, I’ve gone back and forth, guiltless for awhile, then racked with guilt. But now my physical and most importantly mental/spiritual health depend on me making a change.  Each person has to decide for themselves about the food they eat and the clothes they wear, but I can provide facts and my perspective.

Regardless of what we eat, though, I think it’s good to sit down to our food with an air of gratitude for all that went into it, human and other animal efforts, earth, sunshine and rain, everything.  Here’s a special grace that I love and have shared with Pantheists before:

“Bless our hearts to hear in the breaking of bread the song of the universe.” 

(Father John Guiuliani)


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Dairy and Milk

Earlier today I read an article about the dairy industry.  You can read it here:  Free From Harm: 10 Dairy Facts.  A lot of this information I knew already, but some was new to me and was certainly the kick in the pants I needed.

Dairy is such a cruel industry and makes no sense. As the saying goes, cow’s milk is for baby cows. Humans are the only animals who continue to drink milk as adults, and from another species yet. It’s pretty crazy, but we have been convinced by a billion dollar industry that milk is the perfect food for everyone. So far from the truth unless you’re a baby drinking mother’s milk. I never drink milk, I hate it, always have. It creates a lot of mucus in the body, which leads to infections, and I already suffer with a lot of nasal allergies and ear problems. I have some unpleasant memories of having to drink milk as a kid at school and at my grandmother’s house on the farm. At her house, though, if I was lucky enough to say no to milk before it was poured, I got homemade grape juice, but if the milk was poured already, I was expected to drink it, and this was fresh milk from their cows.  I would literally hold my nose and drink the whole glassful down in one long gulp.  I do admit I’ve been guilty of eating cheese, ice cream. I love ice cream as long as I don’t think about what I’m eating, and I love pizza, but there are lots of good nondairy options here now, and I have no more excuses. Besides, I adore a good almond milk/peanut butter/banana smoothie anyway. And many of us have given up veal years ago, which I never liked so I didn’t actually eat it to start with, but because it’s the other side of the cruel dairy industry, the babies. I no longer want to contribute to a business based on forcing cows to be pregnant all the time, then taking away their babies. Mother cows cry and mourn for their babies when they are taken away like human mothers would do. Then when they’re old and worn out, the mothers become hamburger. I’ve known a lot of this for awhile and have abstained from dairy intermittently, but then slowly compartmentalizing the cruel facts in some hidden part of my brain, that cognitive dissonance thing, away from the pleasurable taste and texture, I went back to my terrible habits, oblivious to my contributions to animal cruelty. I’m not proud of it and I can’t do it any more. It’s killing me inside. Reading articles like this one and facing the facts is uncomfortable, I know, but for me things must change. I must change.  It’s good for animals and it’s good for the planet and it’s good for me.


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