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Sunday Morning Thoughts

It’s Sunday morning. Years ago I would have been getting ready to go to church. I’m so glad that I learned about Pantheism 15 years ago. As a religious path it’s for anyone, young or old, rich or poor, the well traveled or homebodies. No more creeds to mindlessly repeat. I’m still lying in bed and I can hear birds and an occasional crow of a rooster down the road, the sunlight streaming in the windows this morning. Soon I’ll look out the kitchen window while I make coffee and watch the chickadees and cardinals at the feeder, see the colorful blooms on the trees and shrubs in the yard, then wander to the porch and feel the wind and sun on my face. This is my church, my Sunday mornings now, and I love that. I’m really thankful that in my small southern town, where little churches are all over the place, many of them Baptist (though I was Methodist myself), I found a new way to be religious, to connect to what I call God, that works so perfectly for me.


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Sunday Morning

There’s nothing like the outdoor quietness of a Sunday morning around here.  Bentley and I stood still for a few seconds and there was absolute silence…..just us and nature all around us, trees and goldenrod, blue sky mixed with clouds, and the early morning sun shining through.  It didn’t last long before the inevitable tire sounds on gravel, the far-distant jet, a bird singing in some nearby tree, and the comforting clucking of chickens.  But for that few seconds, in such perfect stillness, I felt so at one with the all, with God, and it was kind of a magical, goose-bumpy moment.  For me, that’s what religion is about.  It’s an all-the-time thing, of course, our oneness with God, but in moments like this, I’m very conscious of it, very mindful, grateful.


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