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Summertime Memories

Just went outside to set out three little begonias in my concrete planter. It was way too hot this afternoon. And I saw those wonderful little summer creatures, the fireflies…..or as I call them, lightnin’ bugs. Now that brings back some good childhood memories of staying out late on summer nights, playing with friends and cousins, running around barefooted, and yes, I admit catching the lightning bugs in a jar for a little while, with holes punched in the lid, before setting them free. My mom practically had to drag me inside to take a bath and go to bed in the summer, but I’d be dirty and sweaty and sticky from watermelon or cantaloupe or homemade ice cream, usually vanilla but sometimes banana or peach…….my dad was the best at making that and I’d help until I couldn’t turn the crank any more. I’m sure a lot of us share similar sweet memories.


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Lightnin’ Bugs

Just got back from walking Bentley down the road and saw tons of fireflies. I always called them lightnin’ bugs growing up. Yeah, I was one of those kids that punched holes in a tin lid and put them in a jar, then let them go. I’m not especially thrilled now that I did that, but it seemed okay at the time. Anyway, nature’s light show was really pretty tonight and brought back some good memories of being a child in summer and the excitement I felt.


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My Kind of Place…..A Very Brief Observation

MDillard in Augusty mom and I rode down to Dillard, Georgia, this morning to have breakfast at the Dillard House.  It wasn’t too crowded, and when we left, it was so quiet and peaceful, a little cloudy and foggy but the sun shining through and starting to get hot.  A nice way to spend an August Saturday morning.

On the way back, in Franklin, North Carolina, we passed a little produce stand with fresh veggies and blackberries, some strawberries, too, and they advertised homemade fresh strawberry milkshakes, something I’ve never actually seen in that setting before, and there are lots of little produce stands in these mountains.  I was way too full from the big family-style breakfast to even entertain the idea of a milkshake, but it sounded scrumptious.   Regardless, that’s my kind of produce stand!


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Fresh Goodness…..


One of the best things about summer?  Wonderful fresh vegetables!  Reminds me of my dad and his big, beautiful garden that he loved so much.  He shared the bounty with everyone he knew.  Just one of the many reasons I miss him…..

summer windowsill~Sharon

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Summer’s Here!


Happy Summer Solstice!

As a kid, summer meant no school, of course, but also wearing shorts, playing outside all day until dark, running around barefooted, birthday cake, swimming, going to the Rec Park in Asheville, picnics and watermelon, catching lightnin’ bugs in a jar and watching them for a bit before turning them loose, visits with cousins, my dad’s homemade ice cream and helping him turn the handle until it got too hard to do, staying up late playing and the grownups sitting on the porch…..freedom and pure joy and endless possibilities!

As an adult, I can pretty much do all these things if I want to anytime (and some of them now don’t seem that great, to be honest), so like a lot of things, once you’re grown up, a little of the “magic” seems gone (kind of like Christmas, too).  But really, if I let it, the universe and our awesome seasons and everything else in it, can still give me a thrill and at least some of that feeling I had as a kid, filled with anticipation, my heart beating just a little faster.  Heading out to enjoy the day, sit on the porch, have a glass of good sweet tea, maybe walk barefooted.  Who knows what may happen?

strawberry pie A little strawberry pie with fresh locally grown berries from Darnell Farms might be in order!

Happy Summer!


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My Summer Solstice Collage

Blue sky and gray clouds, thunderstorm warnings, sun, rain, and bending trees.  Bluebirds and tiny eggs in nests, cardinal songs, bunnies, and black ticks on fair skin.  The joy of lightning bugs (or fireflies!) on a muggy night.


Strawberries, lemonade, sweet iced tea, and key lime pie.  Don’t forget the homemade ice cream – cool, smooth, and melts so fast!  Is it time for sticky, messy watermelon yet?


Begonias, geraniums, and bluest hydrangeas, fresh fruits and vegetables coming in, juicy, sweet, and delicious.  Panting dogs and the whir of air conditioners and lawn mowers.  Sweat – lots of sweat! and  bare feet on grass, hot pavement, and cool floors. The smell of mowed grass mingled with charcoal and lighter fluid wafting through the neighborhood.


Families and friends, visiting, hugging, laughing, crying.  A gift for every sense, every color of the rainbow, smells and sounds, every taste bud satisfied, the feeling of belonging, connecting, and touching, everything, everywhere.


Just being and living on the longest day of the year.
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