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Strawberry Shortcake

I don’t cook like a lot of Southern mountain women I’ve known and loved, with fatback in green beans and bacon grease on lettuce, lots of salt and butter in everything, but I DO like sugar on my fresh strawberries, enough to make a nice sweet syrup when mixed with the fruit juice after sitting for a little bit of time.  And the best shortcake, when I’m in the mood for more than just “fruit” is a sweet biscuit, not really cake at all (the texture of the biscuit just sops up that fruit juice in a different and tasty way, and you can make a good one with Bisquick if you want to take a little bit of a shortcut), topped with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream (I believe the word is dollop), just because.  Heck, I’ve actually been known to crumble up a lemon Fiber One bar when I don’t have a biscuit of any sort in the house, like about 15 minutes ago!  I remember years ago picking my own strawberries at the old Brinkley Farm up past Cullowhee.  There’s something to be said for making dessert as nearly from scratch as possible, though I now buy the berries, sometimes from the nearby Darnell Farms down Bryson City way that sets up shop out of the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road when the fresh berries are in season, or the local produce stand, or even the grocery store, although local is always better, for lots of reasons.  I’m not the biggest fruit eater ever, but there’s something real special about a bowlful of ripe, red, sweet, juicy strawberries.  Food purists probably shake their head in dismay at messing up a perfect strawberry with sugar, and I get that, but I guess some of the old cooking ways have just stayed with me.


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Summer’s Here!


Happy Summer Solstice!

As a kid, summer meant no school, of course, but also wearing shorts, playing outside all day until dark, running around barefooted, birthday cake, swimming, going to the Rec Park in Asheville, picnics and watermelon, catching lightnin’ bugs in a jar and watching them for a bit before turning them loose, visits with cousins, my dad’s homemade ice cream and helping him turn the handle until it got too hard to do, staying up late playing and the grownups sitting on the porch…..freedom and pure joy and endless possibilities!

As an adult, I can pretty much do all these things if I want to anytime (and some of them now don’t seem that great, to be honest), so like a lot of things, once you’re grown up, a little of the “magic” seems gone (kind of like Christmas, too).  But really, if I let it, the universe and our awesome seasons and everything else in it, can still give me a thrill and at least some of that feeling I had as a kid, filled with anticipation, my heart beating just a little faster.  Heading out to enjoy the day, sit on the porch, have a glass of good sweet tea, maybe walk barefooted.  Who knows what may happen?

strawberry pie A little strawberry pie with fresh locally grown berries from Darnell Farms might be in order!

Happy Summer!


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