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Rainy Night

Another late night, early morning really, and I’m having trouble sleeping. I have no trouble at all falling asleep on the couch trying to watch a movie, but I get in the bed and I’m wide awake. But now the rain has started falling, a nice gentle rain like we need. Sounds so peaceful and cozy it almost makes the insomnia worth it just to be able to hear it.


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I do love a rainy, foggy day. Makes me feel all cozy and a little like I’m the only person up on my hill today.

foggy day


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Bye-Bye, Redbud!

redbudNature does its thing, no matter what I want.  Saturating rains, soft ground, and a little wind, and my one and only redbud is down on the ground.

It was surprising and really kind of sad in a way, but I feel okay about it.  Nature has a way of reminding us we’re not always in charge.


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