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Pure Sweetness

It’s so sweet when you haven’t seen your little granddaughter in a few days and she runs to the car to meet you and give you a big hug.  Precious memories are made of simple things like this.


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Memories….The Simple Things

Simple little things are what I like to write about, because it’s a bunch of those simple little things strung together over years that make up my life, that are at the heart of who I am.

I shared this next paragraph today on Facebook….just one of those things that popped in my head as I ate breakfast, and the memory is bittersweet, as so many memories are, especially when the people involved are no longer here and no new memories are to be made with them.  Yet, I wouldn’t trade their sweetness for anything.

“Sweet memories……this morning I actually fixed myself a fried egg and a piece of toast with butter and jelly. It reminded me of growing up, my parents were those people who ate breakfast when they first got up, and I’m not. So they would have always already eaten before I sat down to eat and look at the paper. Every day there were always splotches of bright yellow egg and purple jelly on the corners of the newspaper pages.”

When I look back at that me, my life then seemed pretty simple and happy and uncomplicated.  So much has happened since…a lot of loss and turmoil and discomfort, and some wonderful births and relationships and joys as well.  Life has seemed complex at times, more than it should probably, so I have learned again to focus on the simple pleasures, the warm breakfast inside with my kitties by my side, with the cold winter snow outside my door, the candelight burning on the mantel sending out the faintest scent of cinnamon, and the memory of loving parents who could make a good fried egg with a cooked egg white and a runny yolk and homemade grape jelly, even if it ended up smudged all through the morning paper.  Maybe I didn’t appreciate those moments then as much as I could have, but I certainly do now.


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Today has been a weird day.  I’ve cried off and on.  I’ve shopped and done chores.  I’ve done a little volunteer work and talked on the phone. But mostly I have remembered.  You see, one year ago today, my mom died, in the hospital, after six weeks of pneumonia and respiratory failure.  My daughters and I were with her at her bedside.  I’m grateful for  that.  My dad had died four years earlier.  Losing a mother is hard and losing your only remaining parent is hard, too.  No matter how old I am, I have felt a little like an orphan off and on this past year.  The people who knew me from my first minute of life on this planet are all gone now physically.  I experience their presence in different ways…..memories, stories, possessions, the words I use, feelings, smells, food, celebrations, the way my kids or granddaughter look, our attitudes about things, other people, gratitude, but especially through love.  There is a heart connection that has stayed with me and a cosmic one, too, eternal, that can never be broken.  But sometimes you just want that person standing in front of you like they used to and you know they can’t…..and for a few minutes the tears come from a deep place and it’s hard to breathe and you wonder how you will get through that moment.  And then life goes on again with its ups and downs and joys and frustrations and I know things will be okay.  Something will remind me again, and maybe I’ll get teary or smile or even laugh out loud.  That’s just how life is.  Here’s to my mom……I love you.


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