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I saw this plaque on the website of a store in Raleigh I visited with my daughter awhile back.  It’s called Cat Banjo and they support animals while selling some really quirky and cool things.  I’ve always been a fan of Batman since I was a kid.  He was my favorite superhero.  I even built a Batcave in my bedroom closet, for goodness’ sake!  So my daughter got me this plaque for Christmas, which now hangs on the wall of my bedroom…..to daily remind me to be myself.  But I realized in a sense we can all also be Batman.  We can do those things to help people or make them happy, without personal recognition for ourselves, even completely secretly if we desire, that “practice random acts of kindness” thing.  Not earth-saving, movie-worthy, dramatic things, but simple things like paying a toll or bill for the person behind us in line, leaving notes of gratitude to waitresses, giving change to someone who is a little short in the grocery store in front of us, smiling at a stranger, standing up for someone in a bad situation you are witness to, holding open a door or helping someone pick up or carry things, sending a card to a friend or relative just because, so many little things to brighten someone else’s day whether we personally know them or not.  Like my neighbor slipping in jars of jelly to my mailbox.  It does feel good to receive an unexpected blessing like that, but I have to be honest, there’s a bit of selfishness on my part because it really gives me a kick to surprise someone else that way, too.  It just makes me feel really warm inside to know that maybe I’m a little bright spot in what could be, perhaps, a rough day for someone, or if not, just a little icing on their cake, and who knows what the effects really even are?  So yes, I’m reminded every day by my beautiful sign to be myself, but I want to try this year to be a little bit more Batman, too.



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Like A Good Neighbor…..

Sometimes I’m just pleasantly surprised by unexpected kindnesses.  I have a post office box, but I also have a mailbox down at the bottom of my hill because people kept trying to send things to my house.  The other day as I was on my way to town, I checked the mail down the hill and was surprised to find a small jar of homemade peach preserves, a small jar of homemade relish,and a couple of perfect tomatoes.  My neighbor has actually done this for me in the past, but I’m always so tickled to get these tasty treats, and mostly I just think it’s so sweet of her to do that.  After a rough day of work, how nice to get a dose of neighborliness! We aren’t particularly close but we enjoy talking to each other when the opportunity comes up.  She works at a job during the day, starting in the early morning, and then spends most all of the rest of the daylight hours working in her yard and garden, and with my schedule, too, my neighbors and I have a kind of friendly but not particularly close relationship unless we need to talk about the road or the shared well or whatever.

Anyway, it brings to mind that phrase “random acts of kindness,” even though in this case I know the person who did it.  It’s the kind of thing I think you can pass on to others when you get a chance to, an act of true neighborliness that doesn’t expect something in return.  It just is.  And that’s inspiring to me.  I don’t grow vegetables or make jelly (my parents used to do that every summer for years, though), although a long time ago I did do the strawberry freezer jam thing. I just don’t have time or space for it, but I do make Christmas cookies, so maybe some little tins will find their way into my neighbors’ mailboxes later this year to say “thank you,” “happy holiday,” and just simply “howdy, neighbor.”


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