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Joe Pye


It’s that Joe Pye time again, when my thoughts turn to autumn….ready for more comfortable days and cool nights, clear blue skies, and the summer haze shaken off….my favorite time of year is approaching, and once again I find myself asking, “Where did summer go?  It’s almost time for school to start back already.” I do get spring fever after a long winter, but I’m even fonder of “autumn fever,” when I feel energized by not just the weather (after the heat-induced lethargy of summer) but also by the vibrant colors and a dramatic reminder of nature’s beautiful seasons that I can always count on.



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How About A Little Joe Pye?

School has started, autumn is coming, and once again Nature hasn’t let me down because the Joe Pye weeds are blooming all over the place.  It happens every year around this time, and I find that so comforting.  Of course, fall is my favorite season, so seeing those blooms along the side of the road gets my heart racing a little bit; there’s even an occasional feeling of fall in the air now, and those are yellow wet leaves I see on the road after the rain today.  They call it Joe Pye weed, but to me it’s a beautiful flower, a herald of vibrant leafy colors, cool crisp days, and the clearest of blue skies to come as we move through the wheel of the year.  Before you know it, it’ll be sweaters, blankets on the bed at night, and cooking those comforting hot meals that feed body and spirit, as nesting settles in to last throughout the winter.  I find the seasons heartwarming in their own ways, even though sometimes a bit harsh, but autumn is my favorite.  I’m getting ahead of myself, though.  Today, it’s still August, still summer, and I’ll enjoy the beauty of the Joe Pye just when and where I see it.  For that, I’m grateful.


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