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Someone mentioned hostas the other day.  There’s nothing quite like the lovely, hardy, and hearty hosta.  One of my favorites, I have several of them around my yard.  They’ll even grow up through gravel!  In sun, in shade, with care, or left to its own devices, it has to be one of the most cooperative and gardener-friendly plants ever, and one of those dependable signs I rely on from nature to herald the coming of a new season.  Don’t you love it?


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I Love Hostas

As much as I love trees and flowers of different kinds and colors, if you asked me what plant I would most like to be, I think I might say a Hosta. It’s a pretty green plant that’s so hardy and hearty (you can’t kill them!). They thrive in sun or shade, in rich soil, or in gravel, just quietly and dependably there year after year. They’re all similar but there are some differences in their leaves and sizes, too, and they even have their own light-purple bloom that doesn’t knock you over with its beauty but is lovely nonetheless. Boy, the metaphors that come to mind are so numerous and pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll just say that I like the idea of blooming and growing where you’re planted, where I’m planted in my life right now, and I love the Hosta not only for symbolizing all those things but for just simply being a Hosta.


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