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I had to go out to my car last night.  It was dark, a little cool for a late spring evening, but at the same time, since it had stormed and rained quite a bit in the last couple of days, the air still felt heavy and muggy.  I took in a deep breath and inhaled a delicious scent of honeysuckle — one of my favorite smells in the whole world.  It was unexpected and so sweet, but not too strong or overwhelming — just right.

Scents have an effect on me, and this one made me feel happy and peaceful, at one with the world and the darkness and the night sky.  It felt like I was being wrapped in a comforting big cosmic hug or something.  I smiled, stood still a minute to soak it in, then walked back inside.

Nature is full of surprisingly wonderful simple pleasures.   I love being reminded of that sometimes.


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