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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my son-in-law — Kaitlyn is a lucky little girl! And to all the other dads out there, too – hope you enjoy time with your families today. Remembering my own dad….I still think about him every day; lately it has been about tomatoes and the rest of his wonderful garden and homemade ice cream and so many other things. I’m grateful for the memories and especially his example of being kind to people even when he disagreed with them. He always went that extra mile. He was a great Daddy and Papaw and just a good man. We were all blessed, too.


Saw this picture on Facebook from Wake Up World and it describes my dad perfectly….neighbors, family members, church members, and the local Lions Club got plenty of tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers.  He loved his garden, and after he retired, even with some of his health issues, he would be out there working, a labor of love.  It was so good for him.  The neighborhood misses him.  We all do.


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(photo from Wake Up World on Facebook)

My Dad’s Forsythia — Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and I’m thinking about my dad and missing him.  I’ve written a lot about him in the past, lessons he taught me, his garden, his generosity, his love for his family, his strength.  I’ve written about his death and those last days.  Sometimes life is just bittersweet and today is one of those times.   Following is something I wrote 3 years ago, a year after he died.

My dad is gone, but his presence is still very much felt in his garden space. He loved the forsythia when they grew out in weird shapes and really disliked them being trimmed all nice and neat. I’m the same way. I guess in more than one sense I’m the same way – I agree with him about the forsythia bushes, but also just let me grow out in my own “weird shape” and not be all nice and neat and conforming to everyone else around here. I’ve referred to myself more than once as the black sheep of my family and of my community. Maybe another analogy would be I’m the freely growing forsythia.

I originally wrote this brief tribute to my dad back in March 2011.  I’m sad to say the forsythia is now gone. My mom sold the lot that was my dad’s garden space. She could no longer take care of it and it was growing up in weeds and brush. Her neighbor bought it and he cut down the big beautiful forsythia. Life is truly about letting go…..but the memories remain.

Papaw, a few things have changed.  I have a son-in-law and now a beautiful little granddaughter.  She has the sweetest smile.  You would love her to pieces just like we all do.  I think about you a lot……so many things remind me of you, from silly jokes to the trees and shrubs you  help me set out in the yard, to the Atlanta Braves, to my hands and feet and eyes to my kids and mom, to tomatoes and thunderstorms, and to the kind of person I am and try to be.  Happy Father’s Day, Papaw!  We all love you and miss you every day.

Long ago and far away~Sharon

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