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Furry Family

Thankful for all the furry babies that have shared my life since I was a little girl.  I’ve never been without a four-legged family member since my first kitty, Bootsie, I got from my grandmother’s farm out in Murphy.  At that moment, my love affair with cats began.  There have been quite a few.  The one that stayed with me the longest, for essentially her whole 18-year-long life, was Princess Grace.  There was Jinxie and Mickey and Cocoa, too, among others.  And now I share my home with tuxedo twins, Oscar and Emmy, and my diabetic “Baby” (as my granddaughter and I call him, although he’s getting to be an old man), Spirit.  They’ve all been with me a few years now.  I really can’t imagine my home without a cat in it.


I’ve had some special dogs in my life, too, from Gomez and Snoopy to Caesar, Charlie Brown, and Dag, with a couple of adopted older dogs in between.   But when it comes right down to it, if I “have” to make a choice, I’m definitely a cat person; their sometimes quirky personalities kind of suit me.  I come from a family of animal lovers with several grandpuppies and grandkitties, too, and many of our pets have been rescued.  I see my granddaughter, who’s not even 3 years old yet, also loving animals.  That makes me happy.   The cruelty that so many pets and stray animals suffer just overwhelms me sometimes, with sadness, anger, helplessness, and people who won’t spay or neuter their animals and just contribute to more and more homeless ones, well don’t get me started, so I think it’s important to raise a new generation of kids who grow up to love and respect the non-human creatures who share our lives and planet, who won’t accept animal cruelty or mistreatment .  Anything we can do to make even one of these precious creature’s life better is a good thing, even though it’s never enough, and it makes me just want to hug my furry family tighter and hold them a little closer.

Sleepy SpiritSpirit

basketful of kitties

Oscar and Emmy

Every “pet” (that word doesn’t seem adequate or accurate because they’ve all been family members) I’ve ever had was (and is) special and I remember them all.  They’ll always have a place in my heart, and if you love animals like I do, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  #gratitude


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Blind Cat Rescue, an organization based in North Carolina that I follow on Facebook, offered the sale of cute aprons with cats and the word “Meow” on them.   I responded with “Kind of cute but I haven’t worn an apron in like…..actually mostly forever.”

It’s true.  Wearing an apron is something I’ve done rarely in my life.  I probably should….I’m a messy cook and baker, flour or tomato sauce, whatever, everywhere, all over my clothes.  Now that I’m on my own and have a busy schedule, I don’t even cook that much and bake hardly ever, certainly nothing that requires an apron.  I remember my mom and grandma having aprons, mostly the kind that just tie around your waist, not the full-body ones, a yellow-checked one, a purple flowery one, and others I don’t specifically recall.  They also spent a lot more time actually cooking and baking “from scratch” than I do.  I do own one apron now; it belonged to my mom and has chickens on it.  It hangs on the closet door; it’s more of a memento than anything.  So, my memories of aprons certainly aren’t all bad; some are actually kind of cozy.

apronBut mostly, aprons remind me of junior high school home economic classes.  I had to take them, even though I hated them, especially the sewing.  The cooking part wasn’t too bad.  The glazed carrots were pretty scrumptious and I was used to cooking lunch in the summer back then for my dad and me while my mom was at work.  My dad was a teacher and was off during the summer at that time.  I’d cook hamburgers and make milkshakes, even baked cakes.  It was fun then…..somewhere along the way cooking has lost its fun for me, although once in awhile the bug will bite me, usually in the winter when I’m hunkering down in the early darkness and the cold winds blowing outside; then, cooking seems comforting and natural.  But that room full of sewing machines kind of scared me.  My grandmother was an excellent seamstress and made a lot of clothes for me that looked “store-bought” that were stylish and I wore them to school.  It was her hobby, a labor of love and joy.  That gene missed both my mom and me, although I have wished sometimes I could sew….it would come in handy.  I can hand-hem something, but it’s torture.  Now the sewing machines are more computerized.  Pinning patterns and tracing and cutting….I no longer had the patience for it.  I did as a small child, though, when I would spend hours playing paper dolls but had to do the prep work first of carefully cutting out all the clothes.  Our first sewing project was an apron of the simple tie-around-your-waist variety.   I’ve completely blocked mine out; guess it wasn’t very memorable.  Then we had to make a dress….very plain, very simple, and apparently not ironed nearly well enough.  Thus was the end of my sewing career.

It’s funny sometimes how one thing, in this case a fundraiser for a cat sanctuary that houses blind kitties, can bring up a complete unrelated memory that is decades old.   But if you feel so  moved, love aprons and/or cats, or have someone in your life who does and would appreciate such a gift, consider giving a look at their website.  Maybe you’ll love it and they could use the support.  They do good work.  And who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll take that chicken apron off its hook in the pantry and put it on to whip up a pound cake from scratch just because.


Copyright (c) 2015 by Raindrop Ridge Press