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New Year’s Eve

I just started a new New Year’s Eve tradition. It’s a cold, cloudy, wintry morning here in western North Carolina. I saw birds flitting around the pear tree and remembered I hadn’t filled the bird feeders. What a great New Year’s Eve tradition. Make sure the bird feeders are filled to the top with a yummy concoction of sunflower seeds, nuts, fruit, suet, and more, from the National Audubon Society. A real holiday spread and a great start to the new year for my feathered friends who give me such pleasure throughout the year.


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Happy Earth Day! Shoulda Been Mother’s Day :)

This weekend I took my parents over to Cherokee for a little picnic. After all the terrible weather around here lately, this weekend was warm and gorgeous, plus it was Earth Day so it seemed like a good idea. We sat by the Oconaluftee River and felt the nice breeze and watched the late afternoon sun make the water shimmer and enjoyed all the different-colored ducks as they swam and played. Several of them came right up to us, but then I looked over into the parking lot and saw a mama duck marching towards the water followed by her brood of six little babies. They were so cute as they waddled through the gravel and down the riverbank. For a few minutes we lost sight of them but when we looked a little later, there they were just swimming away furiously to the other side of the river. A larger duck, I’m presuming a male from its colors, had swam over towards them and seemed to be leading them on their way, giving them plenty of space, kind of like one of those flashing trucks that warns you a “wide load” is coming behind. One little one kept lagging behind and mama would stop for a minute and round him up then on they would go and eventually made it over. That was fun to watch except for, unfortunately, my too familiar lament of oh heck, I meant to bring my camera! When life seems overwhelming sometimes with the mundane of new floors and plumbing problems and cleaning house, an afternoon quietly enjoying nature, good food, and family is so uplifting and relaxing and gives a whole new perspective.


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