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Sharing Wounda’s Journey

I share a lot of things on Facebook, but this video of Wounda’s journey is one of my favorites I’ve shared several times, if not my absolute favorite.  It’s so touching, and I cry every time I see it.  I think it’s incredibly important to share this video and the work of Jane Goodall.  She is a “hero” of mine, though that’s not a word I really use, but if anyone is, she is.  I love her gentle and kind and patient spirit and all she has done for these beautiful creatures over the years.    I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.  Humans don’t own love and affection and connection.  They are qualities we share with the other creatures who inhabit this planet of ours.  I hope we never forget that they, too, play and sing, mourn and grieve, laugh and love, and are here in their own right, not to serve humanity.


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Video courtesy of the Jane Goodall Institute

Dairy and Milk

Earlier today I read an article about the dairy industry.  You can read it here:  Free From Harm: 10 Dairy Facts.  A lot of this information I knew already, but some was new to me and was certainly the kick in the pants I needed.

Dairy is such a cruel industry and makes no sense. As the saying goes, cow’s milk is for baby cows. Humans are the only animals who continue to drink milk as adults, and from another species yet. It’s pretty crazy, but we have been convinced by a billion dollar industry that milk is the perfect food for everyone. So far from the truth unless you’re a baby drinking mother’s milk. I never drink milk, I hate it, always have. It creates a lot of mucus in the body, which leads to infections, and I already suffer with a lot of nasal allergies and ear problems. I have some unpleasant memories of having to drink milk as a kid at school and at my grandmother’s house on the farm. At her house, though, if I was lucky enough to say no to milk before it was poured, I got homemade grape juice, but if the milk was poured already, I was expected to drink it, and this was fresh milk from their cows.  I would literally hold my nose and drink the whole glassful down in one long gulp.  I do admit I’ve been guilty of eating cheese, ice cream. I love ice cream as long as I don’t think about what I’m eating, and I love pizza, but there are lots of good nondairy options here now, and I have no more excuses. Besides, I adore a good almond milk/peanut butter/banana smoothie anyway. And many of us have given up veal years ago, which I never liked so I didn’t actually eat it to start with, but because it’s the other side of the cruel dairy industry, the babies. I no longer want to contribute to a business based on forcing cows to be pregnant all the time, then taking away their babies. Mother cows cry and mourn for their babies when they are taken away like human mothers would do. Then when they’re old and worn out, the mothers become hamburger. I’ve known a lot of this for awhile and have abstained from dairy intermittently, but then slowly compartmentalizing the cruel facts in some hidden part of my brain, that cognitive dissonance thing, away from the pleasurable taste and texture, I went back to my terrible habits, oblivious to my contributions to animal cruelty. I’m not proud of it and I can’t do it any more. It’s killing me inside. Reading articles like this one and facing the facts is uncomfortable, I know, but for me things must change. I must change.  It’s good for animals and it’s good for the planet and it’s good for me.


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Furry Family

Thankful for all the furry babies that have shared my life since I was a little girl.  I’ve never been without a four-legged family member since my first kitty, Bootsie, I got from my grandmother’s farm out in Murphy.  At that moment, my love affair with cats began.  There have been quite a few.  The one that stayed with me the longest, for essentially her whole 18-year-long life, was Princess Grace.  There was Jinxie and Mickey and Cocoa, too, among others.  And now I share my home with tuxedo twins, Oscar and Emmy, and my diabetic “Baby” (as my granddaughter and I call him, although he’s getting to be an old man), Spirit.  They’ve all been with me a few years now.  I really can’t imagine my home without a cat in it.


I’ve had some special dogs in my life, too, from Gomez and Snoopy to Caesar, Charlie Brown, and Dag, with a couple of adopted older dogs in between.   But when it comes right down to it, if I “have” to make a choice, I’m definitely a cat person; their sometimes quirky personalities kind of suit me.  I come from a family of animal lovers with several grandpuppies and grandkitties, too, and many of our pets have been rescued.  I see my granddaughter, who’s not even 3 years old yet, also loving animals.  That makes me happy.   The cruelty that so many pets and stray animals suffer just overwhelms me sometimes, with sadness, anger, helplessness, and people who won’t spay or neuter their animals and just contribute to more and more homeless ones, well don’t get me started, so I think it’s important to raise a new generation of kids who grow up to love and respect the non-human creatures who share our lives and planet, who won’t accept animal cruelty or mistreatment .  Anything we can do to make even one of these precious creature’s life better is a good thing, even though it’s never enough, and it makes me just want to hug my furry family tighter and hold them a little closer.

Sleepy SpiritSpirit

basketful of kitties

Oscar and Emmy

Every “pet” (that word doesn’t seem adequate or accurate because they’ve all been family members) I’ve ever had was (and is) special and I remember them all.  They’ll always have a place in my heart, and if you love animals like I do, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  #gratitude


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I’ve never seen a chipmunk in a tree before, until now.  I just watched one climb the lower branches of the pear tree and get on the bird feeder. Now it’s on the ground under the feeder eating the seeds. I just happened to look out the kitchen window at the right time. They’re so cute. Wish I could have gotten a picture….maybe another time.

chipmunk thru glass

Update:   I managed to get a picture through glass later when he came back to the tree, not a very good photo, but you can see the chipmunk’s stripe, cute little guy.


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Sweet Old Honey

I wonder if Honey knows how much I love her and care about her well-being.  She’s so old, so sweet, but what a difference a steroid shot makes in her life to get her up and walking better, stop itching and chewing herself, eating good again, and gnawing on bones and treats.  Everything else in her body seems to be working fine…..well, ok, granted she doesn’t hear very well and she has thyroid issues, but her blood chemistry is pretty good otherwise.  Right now she’s trotting down the road with me and racing up the steps and gobbling down both her food and the cats’ food.
But as I walk beside her this morning, looking down on her pretty pink-striped sweater to keep out the autumn morning chill and the big polka-dotted golf umbrella covering us both against some drizzle, I wonder if she really can sense that I’m taking care of her and that over the last months that I’ve had her here at my house I’ve come to really love her gentle spirit, sweet face, and deep soulful eyes.  Does she know that?  I really hope she does.  At first, she mostly reminded me of my dad, that’s why I took her to begin with, to make it easier on him, and my feelings for her were kind of wrapped up in my feelings for him, but that has changed and now it’s more about her just being her sweet Honey self.  I love you, sweet girl, and somewhere in your heart and bones I hope and think you know that.

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