Dedication Page

I write about things I know….family, pets, the world around me, nature, social issues, feelings, the wonders of “ordinary” life.  These are the things important to me.   Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to write, and through the years, various family members have supported me in that, but I’m dedicating this blog, The View From Raindrop Ridge,  to two particular special people, Paul Harrison and Paxdora.  Quite a while ago, I joined  the World Pantheist Movement for several years, and these two people encouraged me and supported me in writing about my everyday life here in the North Carolina mountains.  My experiences in that group, at that time, changed my life.  Without their words of encouragement, I honestly don’t know if I would have ever found the courage to put my thoughts and words out there for anyone, including strangers whom I will never meet, to read, criticize, enjoy, be inspired by, or sometimes probably be angered by as well, and there wouldn’t even be a blog at all.  Being able to express myself here, whether one person reads a post, or twenty people, or even none at all, for that matter, is a great joy and frankly a helpful and healthy catharsis for me, too.  I don’t know how to not write, if that makes sense, and if I can touch even one person’s heart in one way or another, then that’s just icing on the cake.  Even though my own life has taken many twists and turns since those old WPM days and I’m no longer a member, it’s with deep sincerity that I say to my friends Paul and Pax, thank you.


May 2015

Update:  It came to mind recently that there’s one more person I really should thank here, and that’s Alexander Bard.  Our paths crossed a long time ago under somewhat unusual circumstances in the WPM, and he once made the comment that basically I should stick to what I do best, writing about simple little things.  At first, as I remember, I took that as a bit of an insult, but then I realized that’s not how it was meant and it really wasn’t an insult at all.  It’s the truth about me.  I DO enjoy writing about simple things because I think there’s great beauty and meaning in them, and sometimes they’re overlooked in the quest for the bigger, the more complex, and the flashier.  So that little push helped motivate me more, and here I am, years later, still writing about the simple pleasures, which strung together every day create my life.  Thank you, brother.


October 2016

2 thoughts on “Dedication Page

  1. SharonW Post author

    Aww, thanks, Pax. I was so timid when I first started back in the WPM all those years ago. I wrote “My Perfect Life Spaces” for the old Community Group, I guess it was, and you told me I should start a blog or something. It’s still one of the favorite things I ever wrote. Thank you.


  2. Paxdora

    It has been my great pleasure to read all your musings over the years and I am glad you would not know how to stop writing!


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